Best Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents

There came a time when newspaper ads and lawn signs could flip houses. But nowadays, due to the rapid technological breakthrough, home buyers are wiser and diligently seek properties online.

For many real estate businesses, this change signified reworking their marketing strategies to match varying consumer buying behaviors – and among the most practical means to accomplish this is by building their online presence.

People will not only search through various sites or Google, but they will also visit your social media channels. Your social media accounts create the initial impression on potential buyers, no less than a real estate website would.

We all know how capable these social networks are for businesses in nearly every sector. Amidst modest means, clever real estate agents can build better relationships and accumulate more clients with social media.

The primary obstacles for real estate marketing are figuring out where to begin, what approaches to utilize, and what concepts work best for the real estate industry in your vicinity. Fortunately, we have 18 techniques to help you design the best real estate social media marketing strategy to secure contracts and earn new clients.

Wait… let’s discuss some basics first.

Why Should a Real estate Agent Use Social Media?

Diversifies Marketing Efforts

Social media campaigns can help a real estate business reach larger audiences they could never have attained with conventional marketing techniques. By incorporating social media marketing with digital advertising, you can bring your business to success. By regularly updating your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can fill clients in about your listings.

Reaching High Intent Customers

Social media marketing arrives on its own because it grants real estate professionals the capability to target audiences deciding to buy or sell a property. Connecting with your current and previous buyers can help you earn new referrals for your business. You can design fitted social media graphics with text, shapes, characters, and more to help deliver your message and reach your target audience. Real estate agents can request followers to share a blog post or article, expanding further content reach.

That said, it’s also a prime place to prospect and generate leads.

Build Social Proof

One way to attract interested clients is to build social proof, and social media can lend you a hand. It can help you feature happy clients who have got their perfect homes and highlight happenings in areas that a real estate agent serves. By sharing your clients’ experiences, you can persuade those potential customers to buy a property from you.

More Effective Tool

Social media allows for direct communication with your target audience, unlike traditional advertising, which takes hours, days, or weeks to express the same piece of information. If the quality of the content is interesting enough, for every audience that reads your content, at least one will share it. And this will result in more brand awareness- and ultimately on to trust!

The pandemic has affected the real estate market and pushed real estate professionals to virtually present their services and property listings on social media. And with realtors, whatever their age, being successful on even the most up-to-date platforms, there are no reasons for the realtors to overlook developing a solid social media presence.

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for a Real Estate Business?

According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) study, 97% of agents chose Facebook as their social media marketing platform; next is LinkedIn with 59%; and Instagram with 39%. Only a simple fraction of participants picked Twitter for digital marketing. Realtors can use other social channels, like Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

More than the general popularity of the platform, think of where your target market uses their time online.


Facebook is the backbone of social media marketing. It’s a platform where average US citizens spend approximately 33 minutes of their day. Not only are there countless ways to bring more leads via pages and groups, but paid advertising is convenient and modified for highly specific audiences.

The Lab Coat Agents’ Facebook page stated that 70% of the United States are Facebook users. Yet, realtors continually disregard this effective channel because they are overwhelmed by the idea of attempting to handle this giant network and acquire the available real estate marketing options.

But as time goes by, the Facebook platform has proven its power as a productive digital marketing tool to generate and convert more leads, and now it’s the most preferred social media of most agents.

Facebook provides real estate businesses access to helpful business features like page analytics and the capability to boost posts to your target audience, communicate with customers, book appointments, and manage reviews in one platform.


Real estate agents are making a supreme effort on Instagram. And it’s not that surprising. Flashy property pictures chime in with the most liked types of content on Instagram. For high-grade or specialized real estate businesses, this platform is increasingly becoming a preference over other social channels.

As a visual platform, every post must be picturesquely convincing. Further, features like Instagram Stories make it easy for agents to give quick property updates regularly.

With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is a compelling social network to use your real estate social media marketing strategies.


LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to speak to other real estate agents, engage with real estate brokerages and be in touch with current clients. Maintain contact with other realtors on this platform to exchange marketing and lead-promoting techniques that gave you good results.

Update your profile and if you are operating your own agency, also build a page for your business.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Optimize your profile

The first thing you’ll have to do is ensure your profile is filled out right and optimized.

Many real estate businesses ignore this part of their social media accounts—particularly if they’ve just relocated or changed their contact details. An unoptimized profile fails to generate leads, grow followers and increase sales. It doesn’t impart anything about your brand or who it serves, which damages its growth.

For every platform you’re using, please fit in your:

  • Profile photo/ logo of the company
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Business description
  • Website URL
  • Other social media platform link

This way, if your audience is finding a way to call, ask questions or learn more about your business, the details are there.

On Facebook, enable Facebook Messenger to get in touch with potential customers who are beyond doubt on the go. Likewise, consider including a call-to-action button as another way for your social audiences to contact you.

For Instagram, optimize your bio to add your contact information. Change your Instagram to a business profile which lets you automatically add contact buttons beyond your bio link. A business profile also comes with many extra features and tools that you can use to grow your business, like Instagram Shopping, Instagram Ads, and Instagram Insights.

Join Groups in FB as Facebook Page

In February 2019, Facebook allowed Facebook Pages to join Facebook Groups. These opt-in communities help businesses avoid the rigorous Facebook news feed algorithm, making it easier to promote your business and spread brand awareness.

You can broadcast in your respective groups and support each other with property buying and selling. You can join in group discussions, as a real estate business page on behalf of your company, and interact with audiences who are likely to visit and engage with branded posts.

Interested audience can then move over to your Facebook page and perceive that you’re an expert in your local community, the real estate market, and valuable service for the home purchasing process.

Create Professional Content

One of the effective ways to interact and connect with your target audiences is by writing good content. Post meaningful, relevant, and engaging content to elevate your visibility online.

You can have your content in three different types:

Promotional: These high-priority posts can be used to announce open houses, new properties up for sale, or simply your real estate reputation. Providing exciting features about a home can get potential buyers negotiating and improve engagement.

Evergreen: Evergreen content is education. It provides information, answers questions, and delivers value. As the name indicates, it is always relevant and remains trendy for readers for the longest time. Listicles, tips, how-to content, and product reviews are all evergreen content formats.

Entertaining: This type of content can be outside of your expertise. But it must display a bit of your character to connect to clients professionally and personally. Even though a company’s content may be persuasive and informative, personality is what really gets people to become involved. Let your personality shine through your social presence to stay relevant.

Lastly, you need to expand your posts to increase audience engagement and keep clients returning again and again

Use the Right Real Estate Hashtags

Hashtags are usually mistaken as an approach with the single goal of boosting likes on a social media post. Although hashtags deliver more attention to your content, they are also a way for potential customers to discover your real estate brand.

Using hashtags is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote your social presence. Every time you include a hashtag (or hashtags) to your post, the site index your # to make it searchable by the millions of other users. 

Remember to use real estate hashtags relevant to your post content and something that other users may search for.

Discover the Best Times to Post on Each Social Network

While you have the most engaging real estate content to post on social media, it will be useless except when your audience sees it. Therefore, knowing the correct times to post on various social media platforms is necessary.

Here’s how to know the most profitable time to post:

A thorough breakdown of your past social media posts must be the first step. Next, look at what time of day or week you posted successful content, and study the patterns created. Conduct A/B testing with your post times and review the results of a particular duration to identify which times work best for the most outstanding engagements from your targeted audience. Keep observing for changes since we all know that social media is constantly changing, and so are the people who use it.

To deliver a personalized experience to your brand’s customers, you have to post based on your audience’s usage patterns.

Automate Your Social Media Posts

Consistency is a significant factor in your social media performance to stay relevant to your followers. But, as a real estate agent, the odds are your schedule is very unpredictable. And this makes posting consistently highly difficult.

Lucky for you, there are many free resources and tools online to help automate the posting process. You can create content and schedule your posts ahead of time, empowering you to post consistently despite schedule shifts.

Hootsuite and Buffer are two excellent tools for scheduling social media posts at particular times and definite dates, helping you grow your real estate business.

So, instead of worrying about when to post your content, you can concentrate on the most important thing – your business.

Use LinkedIn to Connect with Potential Home Buyers

The best way to leverage LinkedIn for real estate social media marketing is to design and build up pages for your business and for you and your agents that will stand out. To boost your profile, connect with intermediaries and past clients to check if you can acquire endorsements. Endorsements like these indicate to possible home buyers that they can trust you and make them more likely to contact you for your real estate services.

Provide your real estate agents with valuable local content, posting suggestions, and materials they can share on their accounts. Post your best real estate contents on LinkedIn’s Showcase Page. These serve as a place to present your listings or share blog posts, promotions, etc.

You and your agents can also participate in LinkedIn groups to interact with other realtors, building new connections that bring new customers.

Leverage Live Streaming

Catchy videos are a real estate agent’s most influential tool and must be a fundamental element of your real estate social media marketing. But video is even more effective when it’s live. The great news is social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram, have live video features.

“Going live” may be intimidating initially, but it productively can help you outshine your competitors, expand your reach, and drive even more engagement. Live video lets you host a live Q & A session about how to purchase a home so you can share your knowledge directly with your potential real estate customers. Live behind-the-scenes streaming content is another fantastic way to utilize this tool to showcase the hard work of your agents.

Live Virtual Tours

Live-streaming virtual tour or property tour is becoming widely popular in the real estate industry. Show the properties on your listing to have additional open house experiences that clients can see online if they’re busy visiting the property personally.

Along with virtual tours, you can also live stream open house events. For this purpose, you can serve both your in-person and virtual guests. This can provide prospective buyers an impression of the styles of homes you’re selling and your services, wherever they’re located.

Once you’ve ended the live stream, you can post it as one of your engaging videos for aspiring buyers. You can repurpose the video across social media platforms. 

Market the Town, Not Only the House

In several aspects, you’re not simply marketing a house; you’re also promoting the whole town or area. Homebuyers need to see the condition of the neighborhood they’re planning to live. However, most real estate blogs merely provide buyers with rough demographic statistics and fancy words about the area.

Alternatively, utilize your social networks to supply potential clients with a better insight into the markets you promote.

Brandish the best that your area can offer with high-quality, stunning photos of local town attractions and familiar spots. Indicate that the town is prosperous or enumerate why the local area is gaining popularity.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

This is important as it directly attends to the matters that your audience wants to be informed of. Additionally, this will supply you with more content to post. Consider essential issues your audiences are eager to know.

Answering inquiries through your social channel creates value for your audience and presents you as a specialist and a leader. Instead of boldly pointing out your sales and your terms, 100% you’ll generate better, more loyal, and more diligent clients if you constantly add value and answer queries.

Respond to Comments / Mentions

Respond quickly and politely to win audiences who put comments on your social media. Just a caution: Don’t feel obliged to answer those who write offensive words. Social media draw its fraction of online bullies, and not every comment intended for you is worth your time.

Endure the provocation to enter a fight with your meanest complainants and recognize those who compliment your real estate services. Many people who connect with you are just searching for more details about a listing, or a listing they might’ve assumed was still on the market but has been sold. Take in their disappointment and use their critique as a chance to shift their drive to other properties.

Share Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Sharing customer testimonials or stories on social media proves that you own a credible, notable real estate business. Applaudable testimonials boost conversions as they aren’t viewed as sales pitches. If buyers find an objective viewpoint, they will build confidence. You’re using real individuals to demonstrate the success of your service.

Your clients are pampered with options when looking for an agent or agency, so the more you can present success stories of your satisfied clients, the better. Gather reviews from past clients. Share people mentioning your page, and when your real estate clients are active on social media, they can always tag you to create more engagement and buzz. Photos of your happy customers with a short excerpt are quick and helpful ways to let people know.

Anything you can carry out to have your happy clients element of your social strategy is an advantage.

Use High-Quality Visuals

Shopping for a house is naturally a visual process. And nothing entices more prospective buyers than high-quality photos that make the property sparkle on your channels.

High-quality property photos can increase its supposed value, which can cause homebuyers to see the property right off. The more virtually you can showcase a home on your platform, the higher your chance of receiving an appointment.

It’s imposing adding high-quality photos of the homes you’re marketing. Still, a single picture of a property will leave your client asking: is the house available for purchase or merely flaunting another home you just sold?

You can improve this on Facebook with the carousel option and using the square photo collage feature on Instagram. Both enable you to exhibit multiple photos of a property and lead your clients towards making a call to see the property or seal a deal.

Run Facebook Ads to Boost Real Estate Brand Visibility

Facebook ads are fantastic support, specifically during the first couple of weeks of your real estate social media marketing when your organic reach is down. Bringing some targeted ads out on Facebook can help you set off on Facebook.

Although your prospect range is primarily based on your bidding approach and targeting, ads convey a direct route to attract your audience’s attention, unlike Google ads. It allows you to reach people looking for services like yours, whether they follow your page or not. Your reach can like and comment on the ads, so you can consistently earn some response from your audience.

The essential part of your ad is the ad copy. You must make it inviting and relevant to stand out from your competitors and catch your audience’s eye.

Post Contests

Effective marketing campaigns usually run contests on Facebook and Instagram to facilitate engagements and increase brand visibility. It is an entertaining way to connect with your clients. You can conduct these contests as a Facebook poll, Instagram photo contest, tag a friend, or hashtag game. Any games will do as long as you interact with your client and fetch more buyers to your door.

Just share your contest mechanics, answer questions before the deadline, and remember to post a photo of the winner afterward.


Interviews allow you to share stories, accrue real value to your followers, cross-promote to another market and help local businesses.

You can interview coworkers, other experts (e.g., builders, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, or auctioneers), or local business entrepreneurs in the community. Just not beat around the bush and NOT talk about yourself or your business.

Also, it’s more pleasing not to use the raw footage. Some interviews are excessively long due to numerous irrelevant funny stories and chatter. Focus on the headliner, main talking points, and edit the lapses to make it captivating.

Include Realtor Quotes & Sayings

Real estate quotes can be the backbone of your social strategy.

A quote completely summarizes a thought or a feeling you wish to express. It alleviates some of the stress of producing unique content. The gratifying and conversational nature of sharing quotes can help you build trust and rapport with your audience.

You can also call previous customers and see if they are okay with providing short testimonials. With these testimonials, you can use online tools to convert these into quotes and social media visuals for your real estate marketing campaigns.

Announce Events

Client appreciation events

Keep your audience updated by announcing client events. Show appreciation to everyone who came and tag them on the photos you upload, if possible. You can also ask guests to upload the photos they took to your social network or request them to tag your name/business– this is useful if you need to draw more followers!

Local events

Knowing what’s occurring within your local community is a must as a real estate agent. Prospective buyers want to have a peek and substantial knowledge of their community to check if it suits their character and lifestyle. Sharing a scoop about community events strengthens your identity as a local authority.

Get Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing Now!

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Social media marketing is crucial to every business in this online community. Focus on expanding and reaching more potential buyers. These experts’ recommendations for social media marketing will help you make something better for your real estate business.

And working with Fresh Crowd will deliver an extra security measure to your real estate social media campaign. From social media management to Facebook and Instagram marketing and consulting, use the newest metrics and demographics to optimize your profile for every platform.

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