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If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, there’s a lot you need to learn about social media marketing first, especially how essential Facebook advertising can be for growing your business by targeting specific audiences. Businesses nowadays rely on paid social media ads, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you’re in need of a marketing agency that specializes in innovative, creative, and eye-catching social media advertising, particularly Facebook marketing services, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Fresh Crowd has been an excellent help with social media marketing for our building. They built our platform from scratch with their incredible creative team and continue to provide ongoing support. I highly recommend their services."


Facebook Advertising Services For All

Ready to reach your goals with a top-producing Facebook ads agency? Since 2016, we’ve been specializing in helping businesses just like yours grow by maximizing their ad spend, increasing their sales and customer satisfaction, and providing consistent search engine optimization results. Regardless of your industry, we offer our extensive, custom, budget-friendly Facebook advertising services to all.

Did you know? There are currently 1.49 billion daily active users (and 2.3 billion monthly users) on Facebook and every second six new profiles are created. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world (for both personal and professional use) so chances are, your future potential customers are waiting to find a brand like yours. Sixty million users are business profiles and sometimes the only way to reach a customer who doesn’t “like” your company’s profile, is with an ad. A single ad can reach over two billion users.

How Facebook Advertising Works

If you’re new to the Facebook world, it may seem like a large feat at first. But that’s why hiring a Facebook ad agency is helpful – we do all the hard work for you. After determining your goals, needs, and budget during a consultation, we can create a personalized social media campaign dedicated to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Some just want to focus on Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising and that’s okay too! Whatever services you’re interested in, we’ll respect your ad spend and ensure you reach a large number of users to increase your conversion rates by targeting and retargeting. You’re probably wondering, what is targeting and retargeting? What type of Facebook ads are there? How do I get them to land on my website?

Targeting & Retargeting

Our team can target custom audiences for your business based on their gender, interests, demographics, occupation, and more with Facebook ads management. We’ll keep track of your progress as more and more clients reach out to you. If you have a dedicated client base who revisit your website regularly, we can retarget them specifically or create ads to pique interest in similar users (i.e. those who watch similar videos, like similar pages, or follow certain brands, etc.).

Facebook Advertising Services

Ads come in a variety of formats including:

  • Video ads
    • If you have video content, this is a huge opportunity to tell Facebook to find a lookalike audience out of the top 50% of your viewers. 
  • Photo ads
    • This is the easiest kind of ad with an accompanying link to your website. 
  • Slideshow ads
    • This can be a shorter “video” type of ad with music, text, and other additions.  
  • Carousel ads
    • This can be a great way to advertise your products with various photos with the accompanying links to each. 
  • Dynamic Products ads
    • These types of ads will be shown to those who have expressed interest in your website or similar products. 
  • Lead Form ads
    • These are clickable ads where a potential customer can then fill out a form you’ve created. This is particularly helpful when it comes to email marketing afterwards.

Facebook Pixel

A Facebook pixel is a very helpful and easy-to-use tool. It’s installed on your website and collects data like conversion rates from Facebook ads and can allow you to retarget that audience. You can also see which products they’re looking at or what they’re doing on your website.

Ad Optimization

Your ad copy will need to vary depending on what you’re promoting, who and where you’re targeting, and more. Even changing a single keyword can make all the difference in the world, especially for content on your actual website.

Generate More Sales With An Effective Facebook Advertising Agency

We care about your business just as much as you do so we’re more than happy when we start seeing the success you’ve been wanting all along. We want to drive as much traffic to your website as possible by:

  1. Improve social media engagement
  2. Optimize custom Facebook ads to reach specific targets
  3. Improve online presence
  4. Increase brand awareness
  5. Build trust between your brand and Facebook users
  6. Supply other quality social media marketing services

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

This will vary per client, but it also ultimately depends on how much exposure you want. But it’s a very cost-effective way of getting people to click your ads. Though you’ll be paid based on the number of viewer clicks, you’re also paying each time it’s clicked, which is your CPC (cost-per-click). You can also pay for likes (CPL), for actions customers take once on your website (CPA), and per view (CPV) where you pay for video ads. There are many other different ways advertising can be set up and our Facebook expert, Jay Hunt, will be more than happy to explain what they are and how they work. You can book a consultation with him through Calendly, or email him at [email protected]. He’s very passionate about Facebook advertising and everything digital marketing and will gladly answer any of your questions.

Positive ROI Results

Your Facebook return on investment (ROI) is defined as the ratio of the amount of revenue you’re making through Facebook to the amount of money you put into the ads. We ensure your Facebook ROI is always positive so you can keep investing in more ads. Through Facebook’s page insight, you can keep track of your progress so you can measure your ad’s success, likes, shares, and comments.

Eye-Catching Facebook Ads Agency

One of the reasons people click on your ads is because they’re eye-catching. The image or video thumbnail says a lot about what you’re trying to sell, so using a blurry or dreary stock image won’t captivate users’ attention. This is why we also offer our professional, relevant and high-quality videography and photography services to get more ad clicks. Whether you need a headshot, food or product photography, we’ve got you covered. But along with eye-catching photography, you need captivating text to go along with it. Creativity is key and luckily for you, our in-house copywriters can create text for any product advertisement.

More Than Just A Facebook Ad Agency

Though we specialize in Facebook advertising, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency that can assist with advertising on Instagram, LinkedIn, and manage your social media content for you. We offer complete social media management services so our clients don’t have to worry about uploading regular content with attention-grabbing images themselves. By scheduling regular content for you, this can make you stand out from your competition.

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So, Ready To Grow Your Company?

We’re a digital marketing company that can help bring a Fresh Crowd to your business. Since 2016, we’ve been helping businesses all across North America reach a wider audience, increase traffic to their website, and expand their brand awareness through creative, high-quality social media marketing. Our team of in-house experts include:

Social Media Managers

Regularly scheduled ads and content are key to engaging with new potential customers, showing you’re active and increasing brand awareness. Do you have a restaurant with a different daily special? Our social media manager can post and monitor your daily, weekly, or monthly ads.

Once your goals have been determined, a customized social media campaign can be created for you. This includes personally selecting your target audience, choosing the most eye-catching images or videos, optimizing headlines and copy.

Facebook Ad Creators


Our creative copywriters can choose the correct keywords all while keeping what a potential customer may be looking for in mind. Titles, headlines, and text should all be different but effective.

Do you want to showcase your products in your ads? Our photographer and videographer can produce engaging, high-quality content that will take your Facebook advertising to a whole new level.


Our Social Media Marketing Services Can Bring You


We’re a Facebook ad agency that can bring you more guaranteed sales and traffic through quality Facebook advertising. In order to build a more successful business, you have to have the right team behind you and we can be that team for you.

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