Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

The emergence of social media has the entire marketing landscape completely changed. New approaches were revealed for marketers that were limited before or very complex. Today, we have a handy, accessible, and effective means to market your products and services worldwide within seconds.

Now is the time for businesses still deliberating when to start making heavy investments in different social media platforms. The sooner you begin taking on social media as a vital marketing setting, the farther the powerful social flow will take you. Failure to do so will result in damage to the business.

Keep on reading as we further explain how crucial social media marketing is for businesses of any shape and size.  

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses the ability of the most reputable social media networks to accomplish your marketing goals and reach your target customers. However, it’s not only about building social business accounts and posting anytime you want.

You must understand that social media marketing requires an effective plan and innovativeness. You can’t just post random content on any social media platform and believe people to purchase your product. You need to devise a strategy that will give you good results.

As of January 2022, nearly 60% of the world’s population uses social media. And Facebook is the largest social media platform, with 2.9 billion Facebook users who spend 33 minutes per day on the said social platform alone.

Social media forums are becoming more pivotal in multiplying sales year after year. For example, in 2020, 45% of all internet users used social media to research before purchasing products or services. While only a few users are hitting the “buy” button on Facebook (9%), Pinterest (13%), or Instagram (14%), social media forums are very influential in the initial stages of the consumer’s journey.

With billions of people on the Net, the chances are simply limitless. And this suggests that you can quickly meet your target audience by utilizing social channels adequately.

The Importance of Having a Social Media Strategy

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is a great digital marketing tool to get the word out. By using a social media strategy, you will be able to build brand awareness and brand recognition consistently.

Social media marketing can help this happen because social media has numerous people on one site. Therefore, it allows you to be noticed by more and more potential customers, even when they aren’t knowledgeable about your brand or products.

Businesses with positive brand awareness often get introduced in conversation and play significant roles in decision-making.

Your business social media profiles show new possibilities to share your content and exhibit your brand’s image and voice. After viewing your social media content on multiple platforms, existing customers can become more familiar with your business, which may raise their desire for a repeat purchase.

Improve Marketplace Awareness

Marketplace awareness is one of the most helpful ways to attain the needs and wants of your customers rather than directly communicating with them. It is likewise defined as the most practical benefit of social media.

By monitoring the activities on your profile, you can be more knowledgeable about your target audience – their likes and dislikes – and see what engages them the most to construct a more satisfactory digital marketing strategy to draw more customers and generate leads.

Social media offers you an avenue to gain honest reviews about your audiences’ perception of your brand. It gives a chance to enhance the substandard aspects of your business while strengthening areas that already resonate with people. As a result, you can produce relevant content for your audience, improving engagement on your social accounts.

Moreover, as a complementary research mechanism, social media allows you to obtain insights and better catch on to your industry. Once you gain a massive following, you can then exploit extra tools to study other demographics of your customers.

A Space to Talk about Your Brand Story

As a business, building a social media presence is a clever way to engage with your audience and personally connect with them. You can adopt a voice explicitly set up for your brand to narrate your brand story and encourage them to become a member of your internet community.

Compelling storytelling can have a significant effect on your brand’s image. These stories can be short or lengthy, depending on what you believe will be most convincing.

Customers unfamiliar with your business and the products or services you offer might find it interesting to learn about your business journey. People admire it more when they see the transparency and authenticity of businesses.

Customers will be able to empathize with your brand messaging and history, and this is precisely what you must have as a business owner in today’s digital age.

Higher Conversion Rate

Social media delivers a higher conversion rate than other outbound marketing approaches. Your business will have more conversion opportunities due to higher online exposure. Every article/content, image, video, or comment can drive traffic to your company’s website. Social media marketing helps your business generate a remarkable impression via a humanization factor.

It personifies a brand when it engages with potential customers by posting blog posts, commenting, and updating social media statuses, thus, allowing a business to demonstrate its personality, spirit, and compassion.

Since users connect to social media platforms to meet people, not to buy, it needs extra steps to spur them from social browsing to a buying attitude. When a brand is active online, prospects who follow your social accounts are more presumably to trust your company’s credibility.

According to Social Media Examiner, 66% of marketers notice lead generation pluses with social media by spending only six hours weekly. Establishing your brand where people share, like, and converse about it can best help your current audiences convert worthier.

Promote Products And Services

Indeed, converting that active audience into paying customers is the fundamental objective of your social media campaigns. It has also become a prevalent way for business owners to advertise and sell their products and services.

More social media platforms integrate marketing and buying features for businesses to utilize as time goes by.

Advertising products and services on social media platforms are more accessible in the digitally connected world. You can upload professional photos of your products and their descriptions and allow the audience to comment under these albums.

Facebook and Instagram have visually pleasing layouts for marketers where you can exhibit your products directly on the platform and link to your business website.


Social media marketing may be the most cost-effective element of an advertising strategy. Most major social networks enable you to sign up and create social media profiles at no cost.

You do not need to invest in advertising tools to promote your business on social media forums. The free tools on offer are commensurable for your marketing pursuits. Unlike other marketing approaches, any paid advertisements you opt to purchase are reasonably affordable.

If done ably, your probabilities of generating higher ROI are greater, and you can retain more generous funding for other marketing and business expenses.

If you choose to run paid social media ads, always start small to know what to anticipate. As you get a grip, adjust your marketing strategy and try doubling your budget.

Create Better Content

A social media marketing plan that aligns with your business goals will make it more effortless to create content that resonates with your customers, provide you the means to improve the quality of your material and motivate you to assess how you can be clever with blog posts.

This can include taking advantage of the more variable tools available on the social media networks – maybe you possess the ability to host live videos on Facebook or create engaging Instagram stories. You might be able to join or even get started with your own Twitter chats, amongst others.

User-generated content (UGC) and employee-generated content (EGC) can express brands in reliable approaches, though they keep your content marketing pipeline abounding with many new options.

No matter what it may be, you’ll be able to take action and attest to your audience you have the knowledge and expertise in your industry.

Helps You Save Time

Another benefit to developing and exercising a social media strategy is that it will help you save time. As technology becomes more and more ingenious, social media tools can usually make numerous facets of content planning almost wholly automated.

Although it’s ill-advised to utilize social media tools for literally everything, minor admin works can be removed from your responsibility because of content scheduling tools, community management tools, and analytics tools that make processes more labor-saving and workable.

These tools can address regular marketing pain points (i.e., tweaking your content, getting approval, or teaming with others) in a more streamlined, coordinated, and automated manner.

As you get accustomed to using those tools, you will notice that your social marketing efforts start to produce results – you will also save yourself time and lessen the pressure on the content.

Boost SEO Rankings

Although Google has assuredly noted that it does consider “social signals” when ranking a site, there’s more to it.

With your website hosting a particular content and linking this content across your social channels, you produce helpful links back to your website. They function as a portal to your business page since they demonstrate your human side. Links back to your website from high-authority platforms can be a ranking signal for your SEO.

Bing and Google show tweets in search results. This feature lets potential customers see what others are speaking about the matter they are keen on. Social media activity is a Google SEO signal, so ensure you’re posting and responding on all of your social platforms.

Consumers are More Responsive

Consumers may be more responsive on social media because these channels enable you to be more conversational and display the human aspect of your brand. The content you post on these channels adds to your brand personality and allows you to present your brand voice. You convey to the world who you are, and the world responds.

You can drive genuine interactions with your leads and customers on social media, unlike traditional media that uses email to deliver messages. This is something that customers are typically more reactive to.

There are two primary approaches on social media where you can accentuate your customer service and customer satisfaction:

Publicly (i.e. news feeds, comment sections, & mentions)

Public comments are a brilliant method to openly engage with your audience and present to customers that you’re an open-minded, reliable, and engaging business. They have more extensive reach and engagement possibilities than private messages. Social media marketers apply their brand’s personality to connect with audiences, answer their questions, become enthusiasts about upcoming events or sales, and adopt slang and emoticons to humanize the brand.

Privately (i.e. Direct Messaging)

A private message, personal message, or direct message (shortened as PM or DM) is a private mode of communication between users on any platform. Platform users can send DMs to businesses around the clock, and sending an instant message is much more accessible. There’s no searching for tons of numbers, punching through call queues, or waiting on hold.

Using chatbots on social media is an excellent method to automate this process and deliver social support to your customers immediately and satisfyingly.

Build Relationships With Your Consumers

Small businesses must depend on other, more cost-effective ways of building brand loyalty when larger companies can invest in extensive and costly customer loyalty programs.

A business that engages incomparably with its customers is a business that thrives exceptionally on all imaginable levels. Thanks to the customers who trust your products or services and understand your business better. Nowadays, consumers love to build relationships with brands they support, follow and interact with within this digital world.

Communication is crucial for successful social media marketing. Therefore, it also plays a highly substantial part in the business. Customers appreciate being heard and feel more special when their service providers give them the assistance they need and create a more approachable and efficiently attainable communication course. And this will convert them from potential customers to loyal customers.

More Brand Authority

Marketing through social media allows you to build authority for your brand. And this is an essential aspect of productively setting your business as an expert in the industry.

When customers witness your business being active on social media, specifically responding to their questions and posting interesting content, it helps them form a favorable brand image in their minds. Constantly connecting with your customers demonstrates that you and your business nurture and value them.

Once you earn a few happy customers, you establish trust with them. And those people that trust your brand will advocate on your behalf.

When your audiences share your content with their followers or mention your business in their posts, it helps further establish your brand authority. The more social media users mention your brand, the more respectable your business will appear to others. And this will encourage new audiences to look at what your business is all about and even follow your page for more information and updates.

Be Updated on the Competition and Industry Trends

Remember that you are not the only entrepreneur in your marketplace who is leveraging social media. Social media is also a clever tool for paying attention to your competitors and keeping updated on industry news, leaders, and trends.

If you recently established your business, you will discover lots of ideas in the social profiles of others who provide the same products or services.

It’s also noteworthy to learn what people are saying about your competitors. It might expose pain points with their products or services that you could tackle, thereby acquiring new customers.

When your competitors make an abrupt change, you want to know about it and determine their reasons. Staying current on the updates that might impact you and your business is vital to staying afloat in a competitive market.

Keeps Your Customers Up-To-Date

Like following industry news, social media is one of the optimum and most manageable practices to keep your customers up-to-date with your company news. Numerous businesses have understood the habit of making announcements every time they launch and introduce a new product and broaden their services.

When you publicize a significant event in your business, the news will trend because your customers will be eager and thrilled to share it with other people. Via those announcements, you will discover that there will be a boost in your brand awareness.

This social media marketing strategy is quite savvy for digital marketing. Aim to add hashtags whenever you announce something or create content.

Hashtags are efficient and demonstrative tools that help businesses target a custom audience and get the content and announcements in front of a bigger audience. While a hashtag tool is free and effective, you must employ them with relevant keywords and avoid filling every word with hashtags because they might deviate from the targeted customer.

Increase Your Overall ROI

Social media marketing can help you raise your return on investment as the expense of advertising on social media is usually smaller than the return, leading to better revenue. Digital marketing can get a hold of thousands of individuals by merely developing targeted ads, eventually lowering your advertisement expenditures.

The extended time consumers spend on social media raises the chance of users spotting your ad or brand profile, clicking your page, and ultimately becoming customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can draw possible customers and keep them entertained simultaneously.

Remarket Your Brand/Ads

Retargeting or Remarketing is another fantastic social media marketing tool. Generally, only 2% of customers will purchase on their initial visit to your website. Retargeting or remarketing ads can help in reaching the remaining 98%

Remarketed ads usually contain information or products that someone viewed previously.

Remarketing works by having a list of visitors to your website and dropping “cookies” in their browsers. As potential leads search somewhere else after they exit your site, retargeting can reintroduce them to products they’re already attracted to. And this enables your business to be in front of customers on the following website or page they visit.

Retarget ads remind customers about your products and stimulate them to purchase.

If you intend to use social media remarketed ads, you must use burn pixels. Burn pixels prevent people who have already purchased from seeing your ads and let you prioritize people who have not converted yet.

Social Media Channels Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as of 2022

Users are moving from desktop browsing to mobile browsing, and thereby, there is an enormous upsurge in mobile social media users. The rankings below are derived from the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

  1. Facebook – 2.9 billion
  2. YouTube – 2.2 billion
  3. Instagram – 2 billion
  4. Tiktok – 1billion
  5. Snapchat – 538 million
  6. Pinterest – 444 million
  7. Twitter – 436 million
  8. LinkedIn – 250million 

It is imperative to exploit social media marketing platforms generally used by customers to connect to your target audience more competently. Nothing can beat these social media networks, where nearly all users spend a significant amount of their time 24 hours.

As a business on social media networks, you might need to take full advantage of these customers’ patterns, which can help you better generate leads.

These social media channels help you capture the correct customers with accurate information at the appropriate time and help you advertise your products or services to potential customers at the best times.

This is how the process of those social media websites works. It offers you an opportunity to maximize your social media marketing strategies.

The Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Keep in mind to observe these five pillars of social media marketing when launching any new campaign.


Making a social strategy is the first thing you should do when intending to post something on social media. To devise a customer-focused social media marketing strategy, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your prime goals?
  • Which social media platform will help you in reaching your goals?  
  • What type of content will be beneficial and attract your audience?  

A suitable area to start is to build a brand identity that will enable you to answer these questions.

Planning and Publishing

Publishing to social media is as easy as posting a blog post, an image, or a video on a social media platform. It is much similar to posting on your own personal Facebook profile. However, you will need to plan your content with time to spare rather than constructing and publishing content impulsively. Furthermore, to make the most out of your reach on social media, you have to publish quality content that your audience likes, considering the proper frequency and timing.

Listening and engagement

When your business and social media continue to grow, a conversation about your brand will also spread. People will comment on your social media posts, tag or mention you in their posts, or send you messages directly.

It is satisfactory to listen to and interact with the audience, discussing your brand at this phase. When it is a favorable comment, you have the opportunity to please them. If not, you can provide support and address a concern before it worsens.

Be persistent and keep tabs on all social media conversations because this will help you learn what the people think about your brand.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting are among the primary metrics of every online marketing channel. Whether you post content or interact on social media, you will need to know if your social media marketing campaign has produced results.

The success of any campaign is based on the number of consumers you have reached since its start. How many favorable comments you have acquired regarding your brand and the number of users who have utilized your brand’s hashtag on their social media posts.

You can efficiently adopt the many social media analytics tools available to earn more thorough analytics information or compare it across social media marketing platforms.


One of the prominent features of social media is social ads. Nowadays, social media advertising platforms are highly imposing that you can define precisely to who to show your ads. You can assemble target audiences based on their demographics, behaviors, interests, etc.

When you consider investing in social media, use social ads to create awareness about your brand. It will allow you to reach the highest number of users and show ads to your prospective customers.

Final Words

Social media marketing is an effective mechanism and bears numerous benefits for your business. These days, it is nearly unimaginable for any business to succeed without a social media presence. So, optimize your business’ social media platforms. And start implementing the right social media marketing strategy to familiarize yourself with your customers, provide excellent customer service, create brand awareness, and increase your conversions and sales.

As a constantly changing practice, you consistently have to aspire to be innovative and up-to-date and eventually project the distinctive brand you are to your followers and potential customers.

If you have more questions about your social media marketing and need help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us, Fresh Crowd, at +1​ 866-938-3450. We’ll be delighted to be your marketing partner and help you get discovered and be successful!

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